Gladstone & Giles - Power Bracket (Patent Pending)
I've built video taps for the Eclair ACL, and for the Aaton LTR and XTR. The Aaton Tap covers Standard or Super Sixteen viewing screens. The tap uses the internal Video options of the camera. A simple and beautiful component, that can stay attached to the camera. This does require moving the onboard battery to the side, so I created a prototype bracket, and while traveling through Europe, I discussed the project with Allan Giles of Camera Engineering late one night. This led to Allan designing and manufacturing the GLADSTONE & GILES - POWER BRACKET.

For Aaton LTR through XTR, the Power Bracket attaches exactly as your on board battery, and then you attach your on board battery to the bracket. Or you can use that NP-1 adapter you already own.
Don't power your 12 volt accessories through your cameras precious and expensive electronics. The Power Bracket allows you to:

> Use the Aaton camera's built in Amphenol 9 electronic connection for a Crystal speed control or Zoom control.

> Power your video tap or an onboard monitor, or a lens light, or eyepiece heater - without the hassle of a second battery and cables hanging off of your camera.

> Power up to three different 12 volt accessories without drawing power through your camera's electronics.

The "Gladstone & Giles Power Bracket" comes with two 3-Pin lemo connectors built in (pigtails included), and one amphenol-9 connector. The Amphenol is a power only socket and does not connect to the camera electronics.